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With the recent political climate and threats of terrorism, it is important that as citizens and lawyers we uphold the state and federal constitutions. Citizens of the United States are entitled to equal and fair treatment under the law regardless of nationality or religion-that means fair treatment at work, at home, and in interactions with the government and police.

Protecting The Rights Of Bay Area Muslims And Arabs

It is an unfortunate reality that many people discriminating or harassing Arab or Muslim Americans may not even know the difference.

Arabs are people of a race and heritage from the Arabic Peninsula-part of the Middle East. Muslims, on the other hand, are simply people who believe in the religion of Islam. Often these correspond, often they do not. To discriminate against a person because the person is Arab is national origin discrimination. To discriminate against a person because the person is Muslim is religious discrimination. Both are illegal.

What Constitutes Muslim Or Arab Discrimination Or Harassment?

The federal and state constitutions and numerous statutes protect Americans from being discriminated against or harassed because of their national origin or religion.

Arab or Muslim discrimination may occur at work, in the context of housing, or in interactions with the government or the police. When based on your Arab or Muslim status, any of the following examples may constitute unlawful discrimination or harassment:

  • Demeaning racial slurs or “jokes” at work;
  • An employer’s failure to hire or promote;
  • Being fired or demoted from work;
  • A landlord’s failure to offer housing or on equal terms;
  • Excessive force or unwarranted arrest or detention by the police;
  • Harassment from a co-worker or supervisor at work.

San Francisco Muslim Discrimination Lawyers

The employment and civil rights lawyers at Bracamontes and Vlasak understand how to maximize recovery for California plaintiffs who have suffered Arab or Muslim discrimination or harassment. Don’t let yourself be the victim of stereotypes and ignorance.

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See our general employment practice page for more information on harassment and discrimination. For examples of the outstanding results we have achieved for Bay Area plaintiffs in national origin discrimination cases, see our client testimonials.

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