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Pedestrians have the right of way in California crosswalks. Drivers often are too careless or too much in a hurry to give pedestrians the time they need to cross the street and people get hit frequently. Sometimes pedestrians are in wheel chairs or it’s dark out and drivers cannot see them. Sometimes drivers are grossly negligent, speeding, or distracted by cell phones or other passengers or drivers. Whatever the case, it’s no excuse and drivers are liable.

We Represent Seriously Injured Clients

Crosswalk accidents can result in permanent, catastrophic injury, brain damage, or fatalities and wrongful death suits. It is important in these cases to understand your legal rights and how to recover from the accident financially.

You have rights and responsibilities as a walker on the streets that you should be aware of. The Bay Area pedestrian accident lawyers at BV Law are here to help you.

Independent Investigation Of Accidents

In order to prove and properly value your claim, it is important that evidence is gathered to establish that the driver was negligent. Key issues in building up your case can be:

  • Was the driver speeding?
  • Was the driver on a cell phone or distracted by another passenger or vehicle?
  • Was the driver intoxicated on alcohol or drugs?
  • Did the driver violate any sections of the CA Motor Vehicle Code?
  • Who are the witnesses?
  • What was the visibility like?
  • Was a police report made? Were any citations given? What sort of investigation was conducted?
  • Did anyone take pictures or give statements?
  • How do I prove that I was in the crosswalk?
  • Who was the driver? Is he/she insured? What are the policy limits?
  • Was there a company vehicle involved?

If your case is a hit and run, diligent investigation to find the driver will be all the more important. At BV Law, we hire experienced private investigators to build up your case so that we can maximize your recovery. Often our private investigators can find drivers even when the police cannot.

Legal Issues In Crosswalk Accidents

In pedestrian accident cases, drivers and their insurance companies usually try everything to avoid paying you the amount of money you deserve, including claiming that you were negligent in crossing the street. Be prepared to hear everything: that you were not watching where you were going, were listening to loud music on headphones, that you were intoxicated, or whatever the case may be. However false these claims are, you must be prepared to rebut them.

If you can prove that you were in the crosswalk when you were hit and that the driver failed to yield and give you the right away, you can establish negligence per se on the part of the driver and hold the driver liable for your injuries. This is why investigation and gathering of evidence is so important.

Insurance Settlements

If you have been involved in a crosswalk accident in California, you should consult an attorney immediately to understand the process of recovering from the loss financially. If a car hit you and the driver’s insurance offers to pay out for a general release of liability, you should beware.

Never trust that insurance companies are looking out for you. Most of the time, they are trying to save all the money they can. It is also very important before taking a settlement to know the policy limits of the relevant insurance policies, as well as what personal assets the driver may have. These insurance issues can be complex and you should consult an injury attorney to advise you.

Also, never settle without knowing the full extent of your injuries. At BV Law, we hire medical doctors who are the best in their field to evaluate our clients and determine the exact nature and extent of their injuries. This is required to know the extent of your loss and hence the value of your claim. Do not hire attorneys who will not hire the experts you need to maximize your case value.

Maximizing Recovery For Accident Victims

The crosswalk accident attorneys at Bracamontes and Vlasak understand how to maximize recovery for plaintiffs involved in pedestrian accidents in the greater Bay Area. At BV Law we make recovery easier by prosecuting your case rigorously to get you the best result. Contact a San Francisco crosswalk accident attorney at Bracamontes & Vlasak today for a free consultation about your accident. We can also be reached by phone at 415.835.6777.

For examples of the outstanding results we have obtained for our personal injury clients, see our personal injury pages and client testimonials.

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