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Rear-end accidents often cause traumatic brain injury

It is not uncommon for many victims of car accidents in California and elsewhere to refuse medical care — especially when there is no evidence of blood or broken bones. However, the impact of a car accident can cause a brain injury that might not be immediately evident. A school teacher in another state recently described why she would never again take a seemingly minor crash lightly.

The teacher explained that her vehicle was rear-ended at a traffic light that had turned green, but she could not move forward due to traffic congestion. A car smashed into her vehicle from behind, causing her head to jolt forward and then slam backwards into the headrest. She felt good enough to proceed to work but started developing a headache later. A colleague took her to a medical facility where a doctor determined that she had suffered a traumatic brain injury. It was suggested that she avoid the computer, television, reading and texting.

The headaches persisted for several weeks, along with neck pain and nausea, and she self-medicated with ibuprofen. However, there was no improvement, and the problems were affecting her life and her job because she could not concentrate and was severely stressed. She consulted a doctor at a pain relief and wellness center and was treated by a chiropractor who explained that pain medication such as ibuprofen must be avoided in brain injury cases because it increases any bleeding in the brain. She also received physical therapy and acupuncture at the same facility and was happy to report that she started feeling better after about one month.

The brain injury that this school teacher suffered has caused many hardships and significant medical expenses. Victims of any car accident in California that was caused by another party’s negligence may pursue claims for financial relief by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. If negligence can be established before the court, a monetary judgment may be entered as compensation for documented financial, emotional and other losses sustained.

Source:, “Local Teacher Will Never Again Take Fender-Benders Lightly“, Claire Keller, Oct. 28, 2015