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Premises liability: Restaurant sued after Shigella outbreak

Almost 100 people may have been affected by a Shigella outbreak that has been traced back to a Mexican seafood restaurant in San Jose. Two lawsuits have been filed against the California restaurant and more may follow. When business owners expose patrons to dangerous conditions, they may have to face premises liability claims.

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department said 15 of the cases that had been reported were confirmed as shigellosis, and more laboratory tests are underway. The restaurant was closed, and people who had recently eaten there have been warned that they may have been infected. A fact causing concern is that Shigella can be transferred from person to person. In fact, some of the confirmed cases were people who had not consumed food from the restaurant but became infected after contact with others who had eaten there.

According to reports, cases of Shigella have also been confirmed in other areas, including Santa Cruz and San Mateo. According to one of the individuals who has taken legal action, he was infected by a takeout meal from the restaurant. He claims to have experienced dizziness, nausea and severe stomach disorders, along with a dangerously high temperature. A health official reported that many of the infected people required intensive care treatment.

California residents who suffer the consequences of unhealthy conditions at restaurants may have viable claims against the business owners. Medical expenses after such an incident can be overwhelming, and financial relief may be pursued. Such claims may be tricky to navigate, and some people choose to retain the services of an experienced premises liability attorney to assist with establishing negligence and financial liability for documented losses in order to present a strong case in a civil court.

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