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Premises liability suit follows slip and fall outside elevator

Owners of buildings in California are responsible for providing safe surroundings for tenants, visitors and anybody who is lawfully on the property. Neglecting those responsibilities may lead to premises liability claims against the property owner and/or others in control of the premises. One such lawsuit was recently filed against the owner of a condominium complex in another state.

The lawsuit was filed by a woman who claims to have suffered life-changing injuries while she was a visitor on the defendant’s premises. According to the complaint, the plaintiff contends that she exited an elevator, stepping directly onto a slippery liquid substance that caused her to fall. She claims to have suffered multiple injuries that required medical treatment. Furthermore, she claims to have been permanently disabled by the injuries she suffered.

The plaintiff accuses the defendant of failure in maintaining the premises and asserts that a staff member who was on duty at the time of her fall commented that older residents of the complex regularly spill drinks. The plaintiff alleges that this was a known hazard that was not properly addressed. She seeks recovery of damages including medical expenses, loss of life enjoyment, economic disability, pain and suffering and permanent disability.

California victims of slip and fall accidents that were caused by the negligence of property owners are entitled to pursue recovery of financial and other damages sustained. However, before a court can enter a monetary judgment, evidence of negligence by the property owner or any related entities must be established. It is typically preferable for injured victims to utilize the services of an experienced premises liability attorney to provide guidance and support throughout the proceedings.

Source:, “Condo association sued by woman claiming permanent disability after slip and fall“, Kyle Barnett, Sept. 25, 2015