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Hit and run driver located, child fights traumatic brain injury

An 11-year-old boy is reportedly slowly recovering in the intensive care unit of a California hospital after he was knocked off his bicycle on a recent Monday evening. The boy was reportedly riding with friends when the hit and run accident occurred. His friends suffered no injuries and reported that the woman who struck the boy stopped and yelled at them before driving off.

Another driver reportedly stopped and offered to take the injured boy to a hospital, but the older brother of one of the victim’s friends carried him to the nearby home of his grandmother. From there he was likely transported to the hospital. It was reported that the child suffered a traumatic brain injury. According to the mother, the doctors had to remove a part of the boy’s skull to expose his brain and stop arterial bleeding.

With only a description of the hit and run driver, deputies started searching for her. She was reportedly located on the following evening and was asked to report to the office for questioning. No mention of potential charges was made in the media report.

The parents will likely have to face several obstacles during this difficult time, and while their son’s recovery may be their primary concern, medical bills will have to be faced. They may pursue financial relief by filing a personal injury claim in a California civil court, and the successful location of the hit and run driver may allow them to file sooner than in cases in which the drivers cannot be located. By showing evidence of negligence before the court, medical expenses and other documented losses, such as potential future medical care, may form part of a monetary award.

Source:, “Boy slowly recovering after a hit-and-run accident“, Madison Wade, Aug. 25, 2015