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Child injured in bike crash, car driver blames blinding sun

California drivers are sometimes challenged by weather conditions such as heavy downpours or blinding sunlight. However, a driver must be equipped to drive safely in all conditions. A child was recently severely injured in a bike crash, and the driver who knocked him down claimed to have been blinded by the sun.

The police’s accident report indicates that the boy was struck by the car while he was walking his bike in a crosswalk. The 10-year-old boy’s mother said the child was very excited because this was the first year she allowed him to ride his bike to school. Although the car was traveling within the speed limit, the impact reportedly threw the child a distance of 30 feet.

Responders reportedly found him unconscious, and he was rushed to a hospital. His severe injuries included fractures to an arm, leg, pelvis, ribs and collarbone but, fortunately, no brain injuries. Subsequent reports from the hospital indicate that the child is expected to survive. The driver reported that he only realized the boy was in the crosswalk upon striking him.

Following the bike crash, the police apparently declared that neither party was at fault because the driver was blinded. Regardless of whether the police file any charges against the driver, the child’s parents may pursue financial relief to assist with settling the high medical bills that commonly follow accidents that cause severe injuries. They retain the right to litigate a personal injury claim in a California civil court. With substantiating evidence of negligence, recovery of medical and other documented financial losses may be sought.

Source: ABC News, “San Leandro kid hit by car, seriously injured on way to school“, Alan Wang, Sept. 9, 2015