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Father with brain injury advocates against underage drinking

A husband and wife couple in another state is advocating against underage drinking. The husband was a police officer until a 19-year-old decided to get behind the wheel of a car while he was drunk and smashed into the officer’s patrol car. The tragic accident occurred in October 2010. The accident killed one officer and caused traumatic brain injury to the other officer, and it forever changed the lives of several families.

The husband and wife believe that alcohol use by teenagers not only put their lives — and the lives of others — on the line, but it can also compromise academic performance. A study by the University of California indicates that brain development in teenagers can be negatively affected by binge drinking. While most parents do their utmost to teach children to know right from wrong, peer pressure and the excitement of experimentation can have devastating consequences.

The surviving police officer lost his partner and best friend on that fateful night, and he says he is still grieving that loss. In the meantime, he continues to struggle with facing daily challenges that were brought about by TBI. He continues to suffer blurred vision, poor concentration and memory loss along with post-traumatic stress disorder and never-ending debilitating pain.

The couple urges parents in California and across the country to have these conversations with their teenagers in the hope of saving lives. As this man’s ongoing suffering proves, traumatic brain injury brings about long-term medical expenses, and although it can never ease the physical and emotional trauma, financial relief may be pursued. After suffering injuries in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, a personal injury claim may be filed in a civil court. Along with medical expenses, other documented monetary damages that are recognized under applicable state laws may be sought.