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Premises liability: Woman sues airport after trip and fall

Those who manage places such as airports have an enormous responsibility to provide safe surroundings. The high number of people moving about airports nationwide, including California, greatly increases the potential for someone suffering a personal injury while on the premises. An airport company, a maintenance company and a city in another state were named defendants in a premises liability lawsuit that was recently filed by a couple after the wife allegedly suffered injuries when she fell to the ground.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff went through one of the exit gates to board a connecting flight. As she moved past a Starbuck’s outlet, she allegedly tripped on some metal trimming on the walking surface in a crowded area. When she tripped, she allegedly fell onto a mop bucket that was causing an obstacle in the walkway.

The plaintiff accuses the defendants of failing to repair the damaged metal floor trim, leaving the mop bucket in an area to cause an injury hazard, and failing to post warnings to alert people to the dangerous conditions. She claims to have fractured her arm and shoulder when she fell, and she also tore the nail of one finger from the nail bed, causing a loss of blood. According to the lawsuit, she seeks $50,000 from each of the three defendants to cover her pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of life enjoyment. For the loss of consortium, the husband seeks $50,000 jointly from the defendants.

California residents who have suffered injuries at public facilities that were caused by the negligence of property owners or the service companies they use may be able to pursue compensation. If proof of negligence can be established, an injured person may have a viable premises liability claim. It is not uncommon for injured victims to utilize the services of an experienced attorney to assess the circumstances of the incident and present the claim in a civil court while also protecting the victims’ legal rights.

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