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Pedestrian accident: Underage driver admits to fatal hit-and-run

Families who lose loved ones in hit-and-run accidents typically have many questions. One question that will likely never be answered is how a driver could simply drive off after killing another person. A California family is heartbroken after a 53-year-old loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident on a recent Wednesday morning.

It was reported that the man crossed a Sacramento street at a crossing that has no stop sign or traffic light. Going to the coffee shop on that street was apparently part of his morning routine. He was apparently struck by a car that was driven by an 18-year-old driver who failed to stop at the accident scene.

California Highway Patrol said the driver of the car reported to the Sacramento Police on the evening of the next day. It was said that she was convinced by a family member of the deceased pedestrian to give herself up to police. After questioning her, police arrested her. She is now facing felony charges related to the pedestrian accident.

As part of the crash investigation, surveillance footage from traffic cameras and an RT bus was reviewed by CHP. The sister of the man who lost his life says that criminal charges against the driver will not bring back her brother. However, pursuing compensation for end-of-life expenses may help ease any financial burdens. The surviving family retains the right to file a wrongful death claim in a California civil court. The fact that the driver apparently admitted to causing the pedestrian accident may benefit any claim for financial liability against the teen driver and any separate owner of the vehicle involved.