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Not only sports people are at risk of suffering brain injury

California readers will likely know that brain injuries are prevalent among sports people; however, anybody can be a victim of such injuries. Pro cyclist Ian Crane suffered a severe brain injury while he participated in the USA Pro Challenge in August of last year. He was riding behind a crew vehicle that was associated with the race when the car unexpectedly stopped. Ian collided with the rear of the vehicle and was sent flying into its rear window.

Any bicyclist will recognize that this is something that can happen to any casual bicycle rider under normal circumstances, and not only in race conditions. Following a car in any city is dangerous because the car can come to an unanticipated stop, leaving a cyclist no time to take evasive action. For this reason, avoiding following vehicles too closely can prevent accidents that can cause brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries.

When the accident occurred, it was feared that Ian Crane would not survive. However, regular MRI scans, several surgical procedures, and a neck brace have all contributed to his long and tedious recovery. During one of the surgical procedures, surgeons had to cut through some of his neck muscles. This caused him to lose all strength in his neck, and while he is thinking about the day he can ride his bicycle again, he realizes that his neck cannot support his head yet, and much more recovery time is required.

After multiple surgeries, Ian Crane is severely scarred. Some of the scars on his head will not always be visible, but his facial scars will remain a reminder of the horrific accident that almost took his life and left him with a brain injury. Any person who has suffered a brain injury that was caused by the negligence of another party or parties has the right to pursue compensation. The high medical expenses that are associated with the long-term costs of brain injuries can be crippling. The guidance of an experienced California personal injury attorney will be invaluable in protecting the rights of the injured victim so he or she can focus on recovering.

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