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Parking lot injuries often lead to premises liability claims

It is not uncommon to suffer personal injury in the parking areas of California shopping malls, businesses and apartment complexes, or parking garages. The owners, lessees and/or managers of such properties are responsible for maintaining parking lots free of personal injury hazards. When individuals suffer injuries that are caused by the negligence of those with responsibility for the premises, they are entitled to pursue claims for recovery of any resulting damages by filing a premises liability claim against the appropriate parties.

A variety of circumstances can lead to injuries at parking areas, including slip or trip and fall injuries that may occur on uneven, potholed or cracked surfaces. In addition, oil slicks, ice and puddles may cause falls with devastating consequences. Many accidents are due to insufficient lighting, and steps or stairways without handrails may also prove to be very dangerous.

Property owners are also responsible for providing adequate security in parking areas, as it is not uncommon for muggings or assaults to take place in the more remote areas of commercial parking lots. When the parking facilities are situated in areas known for criminal activities, property owners are duty bound take appropriate measures that may include secure fencing around the area, proper lighting and/or surveillance cameras. Another option would be to employ security personnel to patrol the area.

If you have suffered any such injuries, it may be helpful to gain an understanding of your legal rights under California law. At Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C., our experienced attorneys will assess the circumstances of your accident and discuss with you the viability of pursuing a personal injury and/or premises liability claim in a civil court. We will investigate to document any negligence on the part of the property owner and/or other parties. We are committed to obtaining full and fair compensation for financial losses related to injuries such as fractures, facial injuries and more, and any compensation awarded may include additional damages such as post-traumatic stress after an assault or other serious injury. Our premises liability website provides more information about the ways in which we seek to protect the rights of our clients.