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DUI driver may be liable for deadly California car accident

When alcohol is consumed in any amount, the likelihood of impaired judgment and slower reaction time increases. These changes in the body’s functionality can result in severe damages when combined with the operation of a vehicle. A recent car accident in California is likely to have resulted from the combination of alcohol and driving.

Three people were confirmed dead after an apparent two-vehicle car crash where alcohol was likely a factor in at least one of the collisions. The accidents are believed to have started when a Mazda somehow overturned. It was not reported if there is suspicion of alcohol playing a part in the overturning of the vehicle or how the overturn happened. However, an older woman was arrested and taken into police custody on suspicion of intoxicated driving after she crashed into the car and killed three of the four young adults who were occupants in the vehicle, which had overturned.

Two of the victims who died were 17-year-old high school seniors, and the third was a 20-year-old male. The 20-year-old driver of the overturned vehicle was last listed in critical condition at a nearby hospital. The accident, which happened just before 1 a.m., had the roadway closed for over 12 hours while the scene was investigated. It was not stated if charges are pending for the alleged drunk driver.

The families of the three deceased victims, as well as the injured driver, may file civil claims against the alleged California drunk driver in order to seek some sort of compensation due to her involvement in the car accident. An investigation into the specifics of the car accident may uncover evidence that could assist in the resolution of these matters. It would likely benefit the families to begin researching their options so that, when the time comes to take action, they are prepared.

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