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Can high-tech make San Francisco bicyclists safer?

Experts say that one of the best ways for San Francisco bicyclists to stay safe on city streets is to be predictable. Drivers come to expect certain behaviors from bicyclists and when new bicyclists deviate from the norm, they can quickly find out how little attention is paid to them by motorists often distracted, speeding or ignoring traffic signs.

The results can be bicycle accidents with cars, leaving the bicyclist with serious injuries.

Being predictable is a low-tech way of approaching the chaos of our city’s crowded streets. But emerging high-tech gadgets might make some bicyclists stay safe while pedaling around town.

Just as technology has transformed automobile travel, it now offers some countermeasures for bicyclists.

One of the most common complaints and fears bicyclists have is that motorists don’t see them. One bicyclist weary of dodging cars began an effort to produce a bike horn that would get any driver’s attention.

The Loud Bicycle horn gives out a 112-decible blast that is about as loud as a car horn.

“It’s embarrassing to get honked at,” the 28-year-old inventor said. “But it’s more embarrassing to get honked at by a bicycle.”

A 39-year-old Irish inventor came up with See.Sense, a bike light that reacts to movement and nearby light. It then flashes a pattern reminding some of an emergency vehicle so that car drivers’ eyes are quickly on the bicyclist.

Other sophisticated light systems and airbag-like helmets are on the way as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter the technology or skill a bicyclist possesses, they are regardless involved in an accident causing injuries. An experienced attorney can help them pursue legal actions that hold negligent drivers responsible for damages they have caused.

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