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Three Defenses You Might Face in a California Premises Liability Claim

California businesses and property owners have a duty to keep their premises in safe condition. If they fail to do so, they can be held liable for any resulting injuries. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge for victims to recover full and fair financial compensation through a premises liability claim.

Your Guide to California Premises Liability Laws

Under California premises liability laws a person who was injured on someone else’s property – whether the property was owned/managed by a business, an apartment complex, a private homeowner, or a government entity – may be entitled to financial compensation for their damages. Indeed, negligent property owners can be held financially responsible for injuries through a premises liability claim. Our legal team highlights the key things you need to know about California premises liability laws.

Will My Insurance Cover Damage Due to Wildfires?

According to data provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), 2017 was the most destructive year on record for wildfires in the state. In all, 9,133 reported wildfires raged, burning more than 1.2 million acres of land across California. Many structures were damaged throughout the state, with North Bay Fires hitting the northern part of the state in October, and Southern California facing severe wildfires in December.


Car wash company faces premises liability claim after fall

California business owners who offer services at which members of the public can move about their premises must ensure that no hazards exist that may cause physical harm. Known hazards must be addressed, and if they cannot be rectified or removed, clear warning signs must be posted. Injuries suffered on dangerous property may lead to premises liability lawsuits. (more…)

Premises liability suit after stairway fall on dangerous property

Just like in other states, owners of commercial properties in California are bound by law to provide safe premises in and around stores, parking lots and apartment buildings. Slip or trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and often wreak havoc in the lives of injured victims. Negligent maintenance can result in a dangerous property condition that may lead to premises liability claims. (more…)

Premises liability claim follows death in staircase collapse

When a 26-year-old California man went to visit a friend in an apartment complex in July, the staircase collapsed while he was on his way to the third floor. The man died after falling from a height of more than two stories. The surviving family of the deceased man recently filed a premises liability lawsuit, claiming wrongful death. (more…)

Premises liability: Restaurant sued after Shigella outbreak

Almost 100 people may have been affected by a Shigella outbreak that has been traced back to a Mexican seafood restaurant in San Jose. Two lawsuits have been filed against the California restaurant and more may follow. When business owners expose patrons to dangerous conditions, they may have to face premises liability claims. (more…)

Teenage car accident: NHTSA urges parents to set good examples

Far too many teenagers suffer life-threatening injuries on California roads. With National Teen Driver Safety Week around the corner, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has urged parents to have regular talks their teens about driving safety. Many a car accident, hit-and-run collision or bicycle accident caused by negligent teenage driving resulted from bad examples set by adults. The NHTSA believes that ongoing conversation about the dangerous aspects of driving may ultimately serve to save lives. (more…)

Premises liability suit follows slip and fall outside elevator

Owners of buildings in California are responsible for providing safe surroundings for tenants, visitors and anybody who is lawfully on the property. Neglecting those responsibilities may lead to premises liability claims against the property owner and/or others in control of the premises. One such lawsuit was recently filed against the owner of a condominium complex in another state. (more…)

Chris Brown and nightclub face premises liability claim

In January, a VIP event was organized to celebrate the birthday of the manager of recording artist Chris Brown. The venue was a California nightclub that was selected after two previously selected venues reportedly declined to host the occasion. Those venues were reportedly warned by police of potential violence, as was the nightclub that ultimately hosted the party. As was expected, violence broke out during the evening, and it ultimately led to a premises liability claim. (more…)

Premises liability: Woman sues airport after trip and fall

Those who manage places such as airports have an enormous responsibility to provide safe surroundings. The high number of people moving about airports nationwide, including California, greatly increases the potential for someone suffering a personal injury while on the premises. An airport company, a maintenance company and a city in another state were named defendants in a premises liability lawsuit that was recently filed by a couple after the wife allegedly suffered injuries when she fell to the ground. (more…)

Were you displaced by the Mission & 22nd Street fire in January?

On the evening of Jan. 28, a three-story, mixed-use building on the corner of Mission and 22nd streets caught fire. It was a three-alarm blaze that wasn’t contained until after midnight and continued to smolder. One person died in the fire and at least six more were injured by smoke inhalation. At least 60 residents of the building and at least 15 businesses were displaced. (more…)

Health club sued for premises liability after treadmill accident

The California Third District Court of Appeal recently overturned an order for summary judgment issued by a Superior Court judge. The case involves a premises liability claim made by a non-English-speaking member of a health and fitness club. The woman claims to have suffered severe injuries when she a fell from a treadmill at the defendant’s premises. (more…)

Premises liability: What to do after suffering a dog bite

When California residents are attacked by dogs on other people’s properties, they retain the right to pursue compensation for the resulting medical expenses. However, as a premises liability claim can take a long time to process, there are some steps to be taken immediately after the incident. Regardless of the severity of the injury, accurate records should be kept as evidence to protect the rights of the victim. (more…)

Carbon monoxide poisoning may lead to premises liability claim

The extreme cold conditions of winter pose dangerous risks, not only to stranded travelers and the homeless, but also to California homeowners and those renting apartments. A case where six occupants of an apartment building in another state suffered carbon monoxide poisoning may underscore the importance of landlords ensuring proper maintenance of their buildings. Premises liability claims may follow incidents where tenants suffered personal injury or worse as the result of a landlord’s negligence. (more…)

Parking lot injuries often lead to premises liability claims

It is not uncommon to suffer personal injury in the parking areas of California shopping malls, businesses and apartment complexes, or parking garages. The owners, lessees and/or managers of such properties are responsible for maintaining parking lots free of personal injury hazards. When individuals suffer injuries that are caused by the negligence of those with responsibility for the premises, they are entitled to pursue claims for recovery of any resulting damages by filing a premises liability claim against the appropriate parties. (more…)

How do I prove negligence in a premises liability claim?

Premises liability claims in California may arise from numerous dangerous conditions that could be present on public property or the premises of home or store owners. The hazards could include staircases that are poorly lit or without handrails, uneven or damaged walkways, wet floors and defective elevators. Inadequate security, dog bites and falling merchandise have also been known to lead to premises liability actions. (more…)

What are your rights when it comes to premises liability?

Anytime a California resident enters a public place such as a store, apartment building or other public building, the owners and managers are required to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety. When those steps are not taken, someone could be injured. If you suffer an injury while on the property, you may be entitled to seek damages under premises liability laws. (more…)

Dangerous property may be to blame for California accident

Accidents take place across the United States, but when an individual is injured or killed, those responsible must be held accountable. However, if a child is killed by the accident, after those at fault were warned about the dangerous object that caused the accident, the parents may wish to file a claim against those responsible. Unfortunately, one young child was killed recently in California by the dangerous property of one place of business. (more…)

Fraternity cited in deaths and injuries ends pledging, hazing

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the largest fraternities, with chapters stretching from San Francisco to New York and from Arizona to Florida. A look at the map of chapters on the frat’s website shows it crisscrosses the nation. (more…)