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Pedestrian killed in hit and run crash in Bakersfield

A woman was killed in an accident in Bakersfield on a recent Sunday morning. This was one of those sad situations in which a person who had too much to drink struck a pedestrian and then drove off without checking on the victim. The person who was the alleged hit and run driver was later located and arrested.


Fatal pedestrian accident kills California great-grandmother

A California family is grieving the loss of a beloved great-grandmother who lost her life while crossing a South Sacramento road. At the same time, they are grateful that her great-granddaughter was not with her on that day. The family says the grandmother walks that route every day, usually with the child in tow. The California Highway Patrol is investigating this fatal pedestrian accident. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in crosswalk sends 2 to hospital

Under the vehicle code of California, vehicle operators are required to slow down and take due care in yielding the right of way to pedestrians who are in marked crosswalks. Unfortunately, not all drivers obey this law. A Petaluma driver was recently arrested after a pedestrian accident in which two people suffered injuries. (more…)

Alleged medication impairment causes fatal pedestrian accident

Drivers on medication can threaten their own lives and the lives of others. A 34-year-old California woman recently lost her life in a pedestrian accident that was caused by a driver who was alleged to be under the influence of prescription drugs. Authorities reported that the fatal accident occurred in the late afternoon of a recent Sunday in San Diego County. (more…)

Fatal pedestrian accident involves motor home in parking lot

Several pedestrians were recently involved in an unusual accident in a San Juan Capistrano parking lot. An officer of the California Highway Patrol indicated that the pedestrian accident occurred when a 54-year-old man tried to maneuver a motor home into a parking spot in a park-and-ride lot. Several pedestrians were nearby, waiting for public transportation. (more…)

Car accident: Pedal error may have caused crash into gym

Older drivers in California are governed by a law that prevents motorists from renewing their driver’s licenses by mail once they turn 70. Those applicants have to complete a mandatory vision and written test at a DMV office. A driving test is not compulsory, but it can be ordered by a DMV worker or suggested by police, family members or doctors. After a recent car accident in Livermore, the number of pedal errors by elderly drivers is raising concern. (more…)

Car accident: Delayed injury symptoms may lead to high expenses

Injuries suffered by California victims of accidents that involve vehicles are often ignored because no broken bones or bleeding wounds are evident. However, there are several injuries that are known to present delayed symptoms that could ultimately lead to high medical expenses. Regardless of whether a person was in a car accident, bicycle or motorcycle accident or a pedestrian accident, medical evaluations immediately after the incident may ensure timely care. (more…)

Hit and run driver located, child fights traumatic brain injury

An 11-year-old boy is reportedly slowly recovering in the intensive care unit of a California hospital after he was knocked off his bicycle on a recent Monday evening. The boy was reportedly riding with friends when the hit and run accident occurred. His friends suffered no injuries and reported that the woman who struck the boy stopped and yelled at them before driving off. (more…)

Pedestrian accident: Driver strikes 6-year-old boy on skateboard

Losing a child in an accident is an experience not wished upon any parent. A California family has to cope with such a tragedy after their 6-year-old boy was recently killed in a pedestrian accident. The incident reportedly occurred on the property of an apartment complex in Santa Ana at which the young boy and a friend were riding their skateboards. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 54-year-old woman in California

Pedestrians in California are vulnerable, especially when they are out walking in foggy and misty weather conditions. Motor vehicle operators must be able to drive safely in any circumstances and cannot be distracted by weather conditions. In fact, they must be extra vigilant and operate their vehicles in accordance with prevailing conditions. A pedestrian accident recently caused the death of a woman in such circumstances when she was struck by an automobile. (more…)

Pedestrian accident: Underage driver admits to fatal hit-and-run

Families who lose loved ones in hit-and-run accidents typically have many questions. One question that will likely never be answered is how a driver could simply drive off after killing another person. A California family is heartbroken after a 53-year-old loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident on a recent Wednesday morning. (more…)

80-year-old hospitalized after pedestrian accident on bike path

After improvements to the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path had been completed, officials launched a program to promote safety for everyone who uses the pathway. The program is called Share the Path and aims to encourage cyclists and pedestrians to be responsible and courteous while using the pedestrian/bike trail. Despite this campaign, an elderly woman was injured in a pedestrian accident when she was knocked down by a bicycle rider on a recent Tuesday evening. (more…)

Young mother brain-dead, baby injured after pedestrian accident

Car accidents that cause life-threatening injuries to pedestrians are naturally tragic affairs. Nevertheless, some such accidents may seem more tragic than others. A 21-year-old California mother of an 11-month-old boy was declared brain-dead a few days after she and her baby were hit by an SUV in a recent pedestrian accident. (more…)

State, county, city and driver sued after pedestrian accident

In California, the right of way in crosswalks belongs to pedestrians. However, many motorists disregard this law and rush through intersections regardless. Unfortunately, the consequences of a speeding or distracted driver causing a pedestrian accident are often catastrophic. Vehicle drivers must be cognizant of road signs warning them of upcoming pedestrian crosswalks, as a moment’s distraction may cause a driver to be unprepared for pedestrians in a crosswalk. (more…)

When tourists become injured in a pedestrian accident

Thousands of visitors choose to spend their vacations in San Francisco every year. Because of the large volume of traffic on San Francisco roads, pedestrian accidents are regular occurrences and may spoil an otherwise perfect holiday. A tourist who has suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident while on vacation may be at a disadvantage if he or she delays taking legal action to pursue compensation. (more…)

What common factors can contribute to a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles commonly suffer severe injuries, and even death is a high probability. Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles remain a serious problem on California roads. Statistics show that more pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas than in rural areas, and although many pedestrian accidents occur at crosswalks and intersections, more occur in other areas where vehicles travel at higher rates of speed. Another interesting fact is that most fatalities and injuries for pedestrians are recorded in the late-night hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, official sources say that children and elderly people are most vulnerable to being a victim of a pedestrian accident. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills small boy

Pedestrian accidents can often be severe enough, but when a child is killed, it can create massive amounts of emotional pain for the parents. If the accident is a hit-and-run, it can make the act of coming to terms with their loss even more difficult for the parents, as they are not able to face those at fault. One recent pedestrian accident that killed a child in California was a hit-and-run, but two individuals have recently turned themselves in. (more…)

Driver crashes into coffee shop in California pedestrian accident

Car accidents involving pedestrians are often, by their nature, severe. The pedestrians involved in these types of accidents can be left with serious injuries — or worse — since their size and lack of protection cannot compete with that of a vehicle. Unfortunately, a recent pedestrian accident in California injured multiple victims. (more…)

California pedestrian accident injures 2

A car accident involving a pedestrian can leave the pedestrian with physical injuries, but if the driver leaves the scene of the accident, it can often cause emotional pain as well. This emotional pain can impact the victim’s daily life in a major way, and even hinder the individual’s ability to heal hir or her physical injuries. Unfortunately, one driver ran away from the scene of the pedestrian accident that she had allegedly caused in California. (more…)

California pedestrian accident kills mother in front of child

Pedestrian accidents occur every day throughout the United States and often have varying injury severity. The small profile of pedestrians can make it difficult enough for most drivers to see them, but if a driver is intoxicated, it can be even more difficult to see pedestrians. Unfortunately, this can often lead to accidents that injure or even kill the pedestrian involved. A pedestrian accident in California recently killed one woman. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1 person

Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles can sometimes be serious enough to injure those involved, but if a pedestrian is involved, the severity of the accident can increase rapidly. The lack of protection that a pedestrian has, combined with the numerous cars involved, can often leave the pedestrian with serious or even fatal injuries. If the pedestrian is tragically killed, then the family of the victim can suddenly be flooded with emotional pain from the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, one person was killed recently in a pedestrian accident in California. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California may be caused by DUI

Although drinking alcohol in moderation is socially acceptable in certain environments, it is never acceptable or safe for an individual to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Impaired judgment can put both the driver’s and others’ lives at risk when an intoxicated person decides to drive, as that impaired judgment can easily lead to an accident. These accidents can often injure or even kill those involved. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California may have been caused by drunk driving. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon on the various roads that wind through the United States, but the severity of these types of accidents can vary greatly. If the accident occurs at relatively low speeds, the injuries suffered may only be minor, however the severity of the accident can be increased rapidly if it takes place at high speeds. These high speeds combined with the lack of protection that a pedestrian has can leave the victim with serious or even fatal injuries. One pedestrian accident in California recently killed an individual. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 1 in California

Car accidents can be serious enough if two motor vehicles are involved, but the severity of the accident can quickly increase if a pedestrian is involved. The lack of protection that a pedestrian has in a car accident can sadly often leave them with serious or even fatal injuries. Unfortunately, many pedestrians are not seen by those drivers who are less observant than is safe, even if the pedestrian is in an intersection. One pedestrian accident in California recently killed one victim and injured another. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 1 in California

Car accidents between two motor vehicles can often be serious enough but, if a pedestrian is involved, the severity of the injuries can increase dramatically. Some drivers are not always aware of their surroundings, which can be detrimental to pedestrians near the vehicle. This type of negligence can quickly create collisions that can leave those involved seriously injured or worse. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently took the life of one person. (more…)

California pedestrian accident injures 6

Accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles can often have devastating outcomes, with the pedestrians being seriously injured or even killed in the accident. Unfortunately, the lack of protection that pedestrians have when walking near roads can often leave them with injuries that are far more severe than those that are received by the driver of the vehicle. One pedestrian accident in California recently injured six people. (more…)

California pedestrian accident kills 1 man

Car accidents take place throughout the United States every day, but many of these accidents are not severe enough to injure the individuals involved. However, if a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, the severity of the collision can increase drastically. The pedestrian can often be left with serious injuries that can even be fatal in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently killed one man. (more…)

Car accident in California kills 1

Fatal accidents can be tragic enough for the family members of the deceased victims, but when the person at fault leaves the scene, it can be even more emotionally trying on the family. If the person at fault is not found, it can create large amounts of pain for those looking for justice for the fatalities, and may inhibit the family’s ability to heal. Unfortunately, one driver in California recently left the scene of a car accident. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1 woman

Large machinery is often used by various companies to complete tasks such as hauling items throughout the United States. However, these massive motor vehicles can sometimes have large blind spots that do not allow the drivers to properly see their surroundings. This can lead to accidents that injure or even kill those involved, especially if pedestrians are involved. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently killed one person. (more…)

California woman convicted for car accident death

Car accidents that end in the death of the victim can be emotionally trying for the family of the victim, but the months after can be even harder for the family. If the driver who caused the accident is charged criminally, the case can be a constant reminder for the family of their loss. However, one family in California recently received some closure as the driver was convicted for her involvement in the car accident. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 1 in California

Use of tractor-trailers is often a popular way for goods to be transported throughout the United States, but when these massive vehicles are in an accident with other vehicles, it can have catastrophic results. However, when these individuals are pedestrians, the accident can be even more tragic, especially if the victim is killed in the accident. These types of accidents can leave huge emotional tolls on the families of those killed. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California killed one person recently. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1

Serious car accidents can be tragic enough, but, if a pedestrian is involved, the collision can become much more severe. Unfortunately, negligent driving around a pedestrian can quickly create a dangerous situation that becomes an accident. The lack of protection that pedestrians have can mean that they are left with serious or even fatal injuries while the occupants of the vehicles are uninjured. One man was killed recently in California in a pedestrian accident. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California injures 1

Car accidents occur every day in the United States, although many of these accidents are not severe enough to cause injuries. However, if a pedestrian is involved in the accident, the severity can quickly increase and the pedestrian can be seriously injured. The lack of protection that pedestrians have can put them at a higher risk of injury than an individual in a car. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently injured on individual. (more…)

Pedestrian accident leaves leaves college student badly injured

Although the actual accident took place a few years ago, a driver recently entered a no contest plea before a California criminal court in reference to a 2012 pedestrian accident. The pedestrian accident left a Chico State University student severely injured. Tragically, drugs and alcohol played a role in this preventable incident. (more…)

DUI driver may be liable for deadly California car accident

When alcohol is consumed in any amount, the likelihood of impaired judgment and slower reaction time increases. These changes in the body’s functionality can result in severe damages when combined with the operation of a vehicle. A recent car accident in California is likely to have resulted from the combination of alcohol and driving. (more…)

Will coming innovations make drivers and pedestrians safer?

CNN recently took a look at how coming innovations might make driving safer, less stressful and more environment-friendly. Some of the innovations are already in place, some are in the pipeline, while others are in a more distant future. (more…)

NTSB wants to make pedestrians, others safe from truck accidents

On the Bay Area’s crisscrossing web of highways, there are no vehicles more dangerous than tractor-trailers. Because of their sheer size and weight, they are difficult to maneuver and to bring to a stop. Because of design flaws, blind spots exist for truckers behind the wheels of the behemoths, making it impossible at times for them to even see objects and people near their vehicles. (more…)

San Francisco launches effort to reduce pedestrian accidents

We live in one of the most scenic cities in America, but it is also one of the most dangerous. (more…)