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Bike crash claims life of 9-year-old elementary school student

A California family who recently relocated from another country is devastated by the death of their 9-year-old son. Family and friends gathered to hold a vigil for the deceased boy two days after he was killed on a recent Friday. This bike crash reportedly occurred at an intersection in Irvine. (more…)

Man killed in California bike crash

Traffic in both directions of a roadway in the California city of Fontana was delayed for several hours on a recent Wednesday morning. This followed a fatal bike crash in which a cyclist lost his life. An incident report indicates that the accident occurred shortly after midnight, and police have confirmed the identity of the cyclist. (more…)

Bike crash follows rider traveling on wrong side of the highway

Road users in California will always be at risk of suffering injuries in accidents regardless of the form of transport. However, a victim of a bike crash will likely suffer more severe injuries than a person who has the protection of a car. Bicycle accidents sometimes result in catastrophic injuries such as brain trauma and internal injuries that may even be fatal. The circumstances of a bicycle accident will determine financial liability in a resulting civil lawsuit. (more…)

Berkeley cyclist suffers critical injuries in bike crash

According to the California Highway Patrol, 10 bicycle accidents had been reported from 2001 through 2014 at a particular intersection in the Berkeley Police Department’s jurisdiction. It was also reported that almost 10 percent of employed Berkeley residents use bicycles to commute. The safety and convenience project for cyclists have reportedly not been updated since 2005. Every bike crash serves as a reminder that an updated plan is overdue. (more…)

Palo Alto man loses his life in bike crash when struck by car

Bicyclists are always more vulnerable than motorists, even if they are wearing helmets. For this reason, it is not surprising that bicycle accident victims often suffer severe injuries, and in many cases a bike crash can result in death. A recent bicycle accident in Palo Alto claimed the life of a man believed to be about 30 years old. (more…)

Child injured in bike crash, car driver blames blinding sun

California drivers are sometimes challenged by weather conditions such as heavy downpours or blinding sunlight. However, a driver must be equipped to drive safely in all conditions. A child was recently severely injured in a bike crash, and the driver who knocked him down claimed to have been blinded by the sun. (more…)

Bike crash: Hit-and-run driver causes critical injuries to teen

The 14-year-old daughter of a family who is on vacation in California is fighting for her life in a trauma center in Newport Beach. She suffered critical injuries in a bike crash that occurred on a recent Tuesday evening. Police reported that this was a hit-and-run accident, and the driver was still at large at the time of the media report. (more…)

Victim of California bike crash succumbs to injuries after 5 days

Drivers on California roads may not always be as observant as necessary. This is evident from a fatal bike crash that also involved a passenger vehicle. The victim of this accident was a 63-year-old man from Palo Alto. (more…)

Father injured, 3-year-old killed in California bike crash

While many California residents have crashed while riding bicycles at some point in their lives, few may be aware of the increase in the severity of such crashes when vehicles are involved. Bicycle riders have no protection against the weight and force of cars, and it is not uncommon for such a bike crash to lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. When a pickup truck recently struck a bicycle in Kings County, a child lost his life, and his father suffered severe injuries. (more…)

Cyclists and motorists may be responsible for bicycle accidents

Authorities in California and other states believe that both bicyclists and motorists should obey the rules of the road in order to reduce the numbers of fatalities and traumatic brain injuries suffered by bicycle riders. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s records show that the high number of 682 deaths in bicycle accidents in 2011 rose to an even higher number of 726 in 2012. A police officer in the crime prevention department of another state notes that safe driving habits by all can improve the situation. (more…)

California bicycle accidents: Woman, 30, struck on Highway 1

When motor vehicles and bicycles collide, it is not uncommon for cyclists to suffer life-changing or catastrophic injuries. Fractures, back and/or neck injuries and traumatic brain injuries are all too common results. Victims of bicycle accidents caused by the negligence of another party are fully entitled to pursue claims for recovery of monetary damages in a California civil court proceeding. (more…)

Steps to take to pursue fair compensation after a bike crash

California bicyclists are likely aware of the dangers they are exposed to on the busy roads of our state. The consequences of a bike crash can be life-changing and may include fractured bones, internal trauma, catastrophic injuries or brain damage. Sadly, fatalities are also not uncommon in bicycle accidents. Victims of bicycle crashes may decline medical attention immediately after an accident, but should keep in mind that some injuries only become apparent later, and a thorough medical examination may benefit any future claim. (more…)

Bike crash in California injures numerous people

Bicyclists are safe when riding along main roads the majority of the time, but when a driver drives in a negligent manner near bicycle riders, it can often create severely dangerous situations. If the driver is driving under the influence, these situations can quickly become accidents that leave those involved seriously injured. One woman has pleaded not guilty to charges against her that stemmed from a bike crash in California. (more…)

California bike crash in California kills 52-year-old woman

Car accidents can often injure those involved if the circumstances surrounding the accident are serious enough. When a bicyclist is involved, the injuries to the cyclist can be severe. The lack of protection that a bicycle offers when involved a car accident can often leave the rider seriously injured or even killed. Unfortunately, a bike crash in California recently caused the death of one victim. (more…)

California bike crash injures 1

Car accidents that involve two standard motor vehicles can often be dangerous enough, but when a bicyclist is involved the situation can be even more tragic. The lack of protection that bicyclists have can add to the danger since they are often near other vehicles that are massive in comparison. If an accident occurs, it can often leave the rider of the bicycle with serious injuries that alter their lives for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, one bike crash in California recently sent one man to the hospital. (more…)

California speaks up after too many car versus bicycle accidents

Many people are beginning to become more concerned with the safety of bicyclists. Bicycle accidents are becoming far too common for the fully exposed cycling enthusiasts. As a result, efforts are being made by local California bicyclists to find a way to make automobile drivers share the roadways. (more…)

Can high-tech make San Francisco bicyclists safer?

Experts say that one of the best ways for San Francisco bicyclists to stay safe on city streets is to be predictable. Drivers come to expect certain behaviors from bicyclists and when new bicyclists deviate from the norm, they can quickly find out how little attention is paid to them by motorists often distracted, speeding or ignoring traffic signs. (more…)