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Car wash company faces premises liability claim after fall

California business owners who offer services at which members of the public can move about their premises must ensure that no hazards exist that may cause physical harm. Known hazards must be addressed, and if they cannot be rectified or removed, clear warning signs must be posted. Injuries suffered on dangerous property may lead to premises liability lawsuits.

A woman in another state filed such a lawsuit to recover the damages she suffered in a fall in 2014. The defendant is a car wash company that provides stalls in which vehicle owners can manually wash their own cars. The plaintiff in this case claims to have laid the floor mats of her vehicle on a dry patch of concrete and then tripped when she later went to retrieve the mats, causing her to fall to the ground.

She alleges that an area of raised concrete near the water drain caused her fall. She contends that there were no warning signs to alert visitors to the dangerously uneven concrete. According to the complaint, the woman continues to suffer the effects of her injuries. She seeks recovery of damages caused by alleged injuries to her shoulder and neck as well as her right knee, foot and big toe. The amount sought does not exceed $50,000 and covers medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses and loss wages along with legal fees.

A person in California who has suffered injuries on dangerous premises may be unsure of the viability of a claim against the property owner. A consultation with an experienced premises liability attorney can clarify that. After assessing the circumstances, a lawyer can suggest the most appropriate way forward in pursuing recovery of damages.

Source:, “Woman sues Sure Shine Auto Wash over trip and fall“, Molly English-Bowers, Feb. 7, 2016