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Premises liability suit after stairway fall on dangerous property

Just like in other states, owners of commercial properties in California are bound by law to provide safe premises in and around stores, parking lots and apartment buildings. Slip or trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and often wreak havoc in the lives of injured victims. Negligent maintenance can result in a dangerous property condition that may lead to premises liability claims.

A lawsuit was recently filed against an apartment complex and its owner in another state. The complaint alleges negligent maintenance and building code violations caused injuries to the plaintiff. The man claims he fell on a stairway that lacked proper lighting. He contends that he grabbed a poorly maintained handrail. Instead of helping to prevent his fall, the rail broke.

It is not uncommon for people to slip and fall on stairways, and a properly maintained handrail acts as a safety feature. Injuries suffered in such falls can have long-term consequences, especially if the victim’s spinal cord or brain is injured. The plaintiff claims to have suffered injuries to his back, neck and head. The amount he seeks in monetary damages exceeds $200,000.

When someone in California suffers injuries on dangerous property — regardless of whether he or she is a tenant or otherwise lawfully on the property — claims for financial relief for medical and other expenses may be pursued. When a premises liability claim is filed in a civil court, negligence must be established before the court will consider entry of a monetary judgment for damages sustained. In addition to medical expenses, documented claims for consideration by the court may include other losses such as lost income, loss of life enjoyment, pain and suffering and more.

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