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Alleged medication impairment causes fatal pedestrian accident

Drivers on medication can threaten their own lives and the lives of others. A 34-year-old California woman recently lost her life in a pedestrian accident that was caused by a driver who was alleged to be under the influence of prescription drugs. Authorities reported that the fatal accident occurred in the late afternoon of a recent Sunday in San Diego County.

The woman was reportedly walking near Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside when a westbound SUV veered off the roadway. California Highway Patrol officers determined that the driver was impaired, and several medication containers were retrieved from the vehicle. The SUV driver was arrested and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while impaired and also causing personal injury while under the influence of drugs. He pleaded not guilty to both felony charges.

Crash risks are increased if medical conditions are not managed properly. Sometimes, people do not realize that combinations of different medications can impact their abilities to safely operate vehicles. For this reason, it is illegal to drive while impaired by prescription drugs or other medications.

The surviving family members of the California woman who tragically lost her life in this pedestrian accident may pursue claims for financial relief to help them through this difficult time. If negligence can be established by appropriate evidence, a wrongful death claim in a civil court may result in a monetary judgment to cover documented monetary losses. Claims may include financial expenses like those related to end-of-life arrangements along with the emotional losses suffered by loved ones, such as loss of companionship.

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