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Chris Brown and nightclub face premises liability claim

In January, a VIP event was organized to celebrate the birthday of the manager of recording artist Chris Brown. The venue was a California nightclub that was selected after two previously selected venues reportedly declined to host the occasion. Those venues were reportedly warned by police of potential violence, as was the nightclub that ultimately hosted the party. As was expected, violence broke out during the evening, and it ultimately led to a premises liability claim.

Five men reportedly suffered gunshot wounds. One of the injured men recently filed a lawsuit against the recording artist and the nightclub. The complaint states that the nightclub owners should have anticipated violent behavior. Nevertheless, it is claimed that the available security was inadequate, and guests were not searched for weapons. Metal detectors were not used, and the plaintiff asserts that patrons without admission tickets were allowed to enter.

The complaint included a list of multiple incidents of violence linked to Chris Brown. It also included details of at least four prior incidents of violence that may have involved firearm violations at the nightclub that hosted the birthday party. The injured man contends that appropriate steps to prevent such incidents should have been taken by the defendants.

The plaintiff claims to have suffered a gunshot wound to his foot, causing permanent nerve damage. Furthermore, he says the incident caused shock, fright and terror that led to his suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Recovery of monetary damages are sought, including medical expenses, legal fees, lost income and lost ability to earn. Anyone in California who has been the victim of violence at a venue may be entitled to file a premises liability claim in a civil court to pursue recovery of financial losses sustained due to the negligence of the property owner and/or others in control of the venue.

Source:, “Brown, Venue Sued In Shooting”, Deborah Speer, Sept. 2, 2015