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Medical malpractice lawsuit follows blindness after eye surgery

The smallest mistake made by a doctor can have devastating consequences. California residents have the right to take action to seek recovery of financial damages brought about by doctors’ negligence. A couple in another state has done so by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against two ophthalmologists.

The complaint states that the wife underwent corneal surgery that was performed by one of the defendants in July 2013. She claims to have lost vision immediately after the surgical procedure, yet the ophthalmologist allegedly reassured her that there was nothing wrong. She contends that she was referred to the other defendant, who injected some medication into her eye. According to court documents, the plaintiff’s peripheral vision deteriorated after this injection.

The plaintiffs allege that the woman ultimately lost all sight in her eye. One defendant is accused of negligence in preventing pathology in the eye when he was performing the corneal transplant. The second pathologist allegedly administered medication without properly diagnosing the presence of damage to the optic nerve or macular degeneration. The defendants are also accused of negligence in their monitoring, observing and evaluating the plaintiff.

Damages of an unspecified amount are sought, including medical expenses, pain and suffering caused by the permanent injury, disfigurement and disability. Establishing sufficient evidence to prove negligence in a medical malpractice claim is commonly best achieved by an experienced attorney who has the necessary resources to obtain and interpret the medical information necessary to substantiate the claim. A California lawyer who focuses on this complicated area of the law can offer ongoing advice and support while fighting for the rights of the client.

Source:, “Married couple sues pair of eye doctors, alleging malpractice led to blindness“, Carol Ostrow, July 2, 2015