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Medical malpractice claim may follow alleged medical negligence

Women who have medical conditions that may endanger the lives of mother and child need to be able to trust their physicians completely during pregnancy to avoid additional stress. In some cases, doctor negligence may have devastating consequences. Medical malpractice claims may result from injuries or death caused by medical errors or negligence.

A California doctor who practices obstetrics and gynecology in Bakersfield stands accused of medical negligence in a complaint that was filed by the California Medical Board. An administrative law judge will decide the claims, which follow the Nov. 2011 death of a baby that was allegedly caused by the negligence of the ob-gyn. The claim states that the mother had a high-risk pregnancy due to various health problems, including diabetes and chronic hypertension. The state board alleges that the doctor failed to record the mother’s medical history and also the care provided during the mother’s consultations with him.

It is also alleged that the ob-gyn should have recognized the distressed condition of the unborn child prior to the day when he decided to perform a Cesarean section. By this time the mother was 36 weeks pregnant, and the baby had already died. The doctor, who graduated from a foreign university in 1987, may lose the California medical license he obtained in 1992 if the accusations are sustained.

Women who are suffering the consequences of medical negligence may find solace in knowing that they may pursue recovery of losses incurred. However, there is a statute of limitations on medical malpractice claims in California. Claims have to be filed within three years of the injury, or within one year from discovery. Gathering the necessary evidence is a crucial aspect of preparing a claim, and an experienced medical malpractice attorney can provide valuable guidance and support. Successful litigation before a California civil court may lead to recovery of not only out of pocket losses, but also emotional and related damages that resulted from the alleged medical negligence.