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When tourists become injured in a pedestrian accident

Thousands of visitors choose to spend their vacations in San Francisco every year. Because of the large volume of traffic on San Francisco roads, pedestrian accidents are regular occurrences and may spoil an otherwise perfect holiday. A tourist who has suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident while on vacation may be at a disadvantage if he or she delays taking legal action to pursue compensation.

Visitors to San Francisco may not be informed about the state laws related to marked and unmarked crosswalks in California. These laws state that all approximate right-angle intersections have crosswalks, whether marked or not. The right-of-way belongs to pedestrians in all intersections, and motorists are expected to take due care and yield to pedestrians.

Tourists may also suffer personal injury when taxis, buses or ferries are involved in accidents. Other unfortunate incidents may occur at places of accommodation, or slip-and-fall incidents may occur at shopping malls. The San Francisco tourist attorneys at Bracamontes & Vlasak, PC are available to take swift action and investigate any accident while tourists recover from their injuries. Resources available to us include experienced economists, along with neurologists, orthopedics and surgeons to ensure that victims receive the best available care.

Whether a tourist visiting San Francisco has been involved in a pedestrian accident that resulted from the negligence of a driver or suffered an injury that was caused by dangerous premises, our attorneys will endeavor to recover compensation for your medical and other injury expenses. We will advise clients of their legal rights and the statutes of limitations related to their claims. Our tourist injury website can answer any unanswered questions about how we can help tourists who have suffered personal injury while on vacation in San Francisco.