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Medical malpractice suit after alleged early discharge

A medical center and two of its doctors are being sued by a patient treated at the center. In the medical malpractice suit, the man accuses the doctors of a failure to make a proper diagnosis, while accusing the facility of insufficient training and supervision of their employees as well as an inability to ensure the required standard of care. Medical malpractice suits in the United States, including California, provides patients who feel they have been let down by the medical profession a means of recourse.

The claimant was injured after he crashed his bike on his way home after visiting a local bar. He was left stranded in a ditch for many hours. After a neighbor found the man and called for help, he was taken to the medical center. The doctors diagnosed that he suffered from hypothermia after being exposed to the elements for so long, as well as alcohol abuse. He also had minor injuries to his face.

It is alleged that one of the doctors allowed the man to leave, even though he complained of a feeling of numbness in his arms and legs. After being discharged, he reportedly received treatment from another medical center. At this center, an injury as well as a fracture to his lower spinal cord was diagnosed. Due to the lack of early diagnoses, the man claims that he now suffers varying degrees of paralysis and discomfort in his hands, arms and legs.

A jury trial has been requested. The amount claimed for the damages sustained by the claimant is unknown. In reply to the claim, the defendants claim that the care received by the claimant met the required standard and that the claimant left the medical center of his own free will, although the intention was to keep the patient in hospital for observation.

Medical malpractice suits may be filed in California when the evidence suggests that the standard of care received by a patient was lacking and caused or contributed to serious injuries. In a successful civil case damages may be awarded for pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of wages and loss of employment. Any damages received may not erase what came before, but they can assist the patient and their families in recovering from the negative effects of insufficient care.

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