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Dangerous property may be to blame for California accident

Accidents take place across the United States, but when an individual is injured or killed, those responsible must be held accountable. However, if a child is killed by the accident, after those at fault were warned about the dangerous object that caused the accident, the parents may wish to file a claim against those responsible. Unfortunately, one young child was killed recently in California by the dangerous property of one place of business.

The accident took place on June 6 while the family of the young boy was walking along the wharf, and the boy attempted to climb a 6-foot-tall statue that a business had in front of its property. The statue then started to tilt and toppled onto the boy, even though his older sister attempted to stop the statue from falling. The boy was rushed to the hospital with what appeared to be just a nose bleed, but he passed away later from internal injuries.

The boy was visiting California with his family from Utah when the accident occurred. Although the child was attempting to climb on the statue, the store may have been violating a certain city code by displaying the statue in that particular spot. California police had supposedly already told the store to move the statue, as it was in a prohibited area.

Although nothing will help with their emotional wounds, the family of the boy may have the right to seek monetary compensation for the death of their child, which was caused by the alleged dangerous property. Compensation could be used by the family to pay for the victim’s final expenses. Further, if the parents are unable to work because of their emotional wounds, compensation could supplement their income as well.

Source: NY Daily News, “2-year-old crushed to death by falling dolphin statue in San Francisco“, Meg Wagner, June 10, 2014