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Pedestrian accident in California kills 1

Serious car accidents can be tragic enough, but, if a pedestrian is involved, the collision can become much more severe. Unfortunately, negligent driving around a pedestrian can quickly create a dangerous situation that becomes an accident. The lack of protection that pedestrians have can mean that they are left with serious or even fatal injuries while the occupants of the vehicles are uninjured. One man was killed recently in California in a pedestrian accident.

The accident took place on the morning of May 21 at around 4:30 a.m. and involved two motor vehicles and one pedestrian. According to the initial investigation, the pedestrian was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by the first vehicle and was then knocked into the other lane where he was struck by the second vehicle. The man then passed away from the injuries he received, but no other individuals were injured in the accident.

The driver of the second vehicle fled the scene of the accident, but the first driver stayed behind and called the police. California police are still trying to identify the driver of the second vehicle, who was allegedly driving a white box truck. The deceased victim has yet to be identified.

Once the investigation of the pedestrian accident has been completed, the family of the deceased victim may have the right to seek monetary compensation. Compensation could be used to pay for any of the victim’s final expenses. This could allow the family to focus on coming to terms with their tragic loss and returning to their normal routines.

Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “Pedestrian dies after struck by SUV and truck“, Ruby Gonzales, May 21, 2014