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California speaks up after too many car versus bicycle accidents

Many people are beginning to become more concerned with the safety of bicyclists. Bicycle accidents are becoming far too common for the fully exposed cycling enthusiasts. As a result, efforts are being made by local California bicyclists to find a way to make automobile drivers share the roadways.

One of the apparent spokespeople for newly proposed legislation was involved in a vicious hit-and-run accident, after which he was left in critical condition. The man sustained over 20 bones that were broken and the complete loss of his right leg after he became stuck under the vehicle and was dragged for nearly half-a-mile. The driver in this accident was, unfortunately, never caught.

California as a state has had just over 160 deaths related to hit-and-run bicycle accidents from 2002 until 2011. That is not including the over 14,000 injuries that have also been reported in similar incidents. Stories of hit-and-runs and near-miss bicycle accidents have understandably left a sour taste in some people’s mouths. The recently proposed legislation is intended to convince California state officials to take appropriate action by expanding the punishments of those who are convicted of such incidents.

With the number of California bicycle accidents rising, it can be scary knowing that there are dangers that could end in tragedy. Knowing the rights and laws for both bicycle and vehicle operators could be more beneficial if an accident were to occur. When a driver is negligent, and the result is bodily harm, the injured party may be able to file civil claims against the driver. The injured party maybe awarded compensation for medical bills or lost wages if negligence can be proven. Bicycle safety is not just in the hands of bike enthusiasts, but it is also the responsibility of other drivers to maintain knowledge of all surroundings, including bicyclists.

Source:, “Cyclist Who Lost Leg In Crash Inspires Hit-And-Run Bill“, Katie Orr, May 5, 2014