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New California law may reduce concussions and brain injury

Brain injuries occur in a number of different sports, including football, ice hockey, boxing, soccer and snowboarding. Repeated concussions pose potentially dangerous long-term effects, and more than 4,500 former professional football players took legal action against the NFL last year, claiming it failed to inform players of the dangers of repeated brain injury from head bumps and concussion. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost four million students at high schools nationwide suffer injuries to their heads annually. (more…)

When tourists become injured in a pedestrian accident

Thousands of visitors choose to spend their vacations in San Francisco every year. Because of the large volume of traffic on San Francisco roads, pedestrian accidents are regular occurrences and may spoil an otherwise perfect holiday. A tourist who has suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident while on vacation may be at a disadvantage if he or she delays taking legal action to pursue compensation. (more…)

Are you considering filing a medical malpractice claim?

California residents who believe that they are suffering the consequences of a medical professional’s negligence may consider taking legal action. However, this area of the law is very complex and determining whether you have a valid medical malpractice claim may prove to be more difficult than you thought. Will you be able to prove that a medical professional made an error that could have been prevented? Even if you are convinced that you have reason to file a lawsuit, it may be wise to consult with an attorney who is experienced in the field of medical malpractice. (more…)

Parking lot injuries often lead to premises liability claims

It is not uncommon to suffer personal injury in the parking areas of California shopping malls, businesses and apartment complexes, or parking garages. The owners, lessees and/or managers of such properties are responsible for maintaining parking lots free of personal injury hazards. When individuals suffer injuries that are caused by the negligence of those with responsibility for the premises, they are entitled to pursue claims for recovery of any resulting damages by filing a premises liability claim against the appropriate parties. (more…)

Steps to take to pursue fair compensation after a bike crash

California bicyclists are likely aware of the dangers they are exposed to on the busy roads of our state. The consequences of a bike crash can be life-changing and may include fractured bones, internal trauma, catastrophic injuries or brain damage. Sadly, fatalities are also not uncommon in bicycle accidents. Victims of bicycle crashes may decline medical attention immediately after an accident, but should keep in mind that some injuries only become apparent later, and a thorough medical examination may benefit any future claim. (more…)

Bus crash kills one – causes severe head injuries to many others

A chartered bus crashed just south of the California Oregon border killing one person and causing severe head injuries to many others. Earlier that same day, the driver of the bus, Jose Victor Garcilazo, had crashed into a Denny’s restaurant. While no one was injured during the earlier crash, it is unknown why Mr. Garcilazo continued driving. The California Highway Patrol have not stated whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the deadly crash. (more…)

What common factors can contribute to a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles commonly suffer severe injuries, and even death is a high probability. Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles remain a serious problem on California roads. Statistics show that more pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas than in rural areas, and although many pedestrian accidents occur at crosswalks and intersections, more occur in other areas where vehicles travel at higher rates of speed. Another interesting fact is that most fatalities and injuries for pedestrians are recorded in the late-night hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, official sources say that children and elderly people are most vulnerable to being a victim of a pedestrian accident. (more…)

Unauthorized treatment may lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit

Most California residents experience anxiety when they are diagnosed with an illness that requires unfamiliar treatment. In such cases, most patients trust their physician to fully explain the illness and treatment. The patient should have the right to decide ultimately whether he or she wants to go ahead with the procedure or treatment. Unauthorized treatment may lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. (more…)

How do I prove negligence in a premises liability claim?

Premises liability claims in California may arise from numerous dangerous conditions that could be present on public property or the premises of home or store owners. The hazards could include staircases that are poorly lit or without handrails, uneven or damaged walkways, wet floors and defective elevators. Inadequate security, dog bites and falling merchandise have also been known to lead to premises liability actions. (more…)

Seeking recovery after brain injury may prove to be complicated

California residents who have a loved one who is suffering the consequences of brain damage may be overwhelmed by the complexities of gathering the necessary information to pursue recovery of damages. When a brain injury is caused by the negligence of another party, the medical expenses could be astronomical, and in many cases ongoing for many years. While insurance companies may be quick in offering settlements, victims may be wise to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure full and fair compensation. (more…)

What are your rights when it comes to premises liability?

Anytime a California resident enters a public place such as a store, apartment building or other public building, the owners and managers are required to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety. When those steps are not taken, someone could be injured. If you suffer an injury while on the property, you may be entitled to seek damages under premises liability laws. (more…)

New San Francisco Rent Ordinance Amendment Regulates Tenant Buyouts

The San Francisco Administrative Code (Rent Ordinance) has been amended by adding Section 37.9E to address tenant buyouts. The new section is designed to respond to the housing crisis in San Francisco and provide information to tenants concerning buyouts in their neighborhood, their right to legal counsel, and to require that landlords file buyout agreements with the Rent Board for public disclosure. Pursuant to new Section 37.9E of the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, tenants also have 45 days to rescind buyout agreements entered into, and have the right to file civil suits against landlords who fail to provide the required disclosures about tenant’s rights when negotiating a tenant buyout. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills small boy

Pedestrian accidents can often be severe enough, but when a child is killed, it can create massive amounts of emotional pain for the parents. If the accident is a hit-and-run, it can make the act of coming to terms with their loss even more difficult for the parents, as they are not able to face those at fault. One recent pedestrian accident that killed a child in California was a hit-and-run, but two individuals have recently turned themselves in. (more…)

Study suggests marijuana may help prevent death from TBI

When people play sports, such as football and baseball, they typically wear helmets to protect them from brain injuries. However, there are some instances where California residents do not wear a helmet to protect themselves from injury. One such instance is when individuals are within an enclosed motor vehicle on a roadway. While a car offers a certain level of protection, it cannot always protect against a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. (more…)

Driver crashes into coffee shop in California pedestrian accident

Car accidents involving pedestrians are often, by their nature, severe. The pedestrians involved in these types of accidents can be left with serious injuries — or worse — since their size and lack of protection cannot compete with that of a vehicle. Unfortunately, a recent pedestrian accident in California injured multiple victims. (more…)

California pedestrian accident injures 2

A car accident involving a pedestrian can leave the pedestrian with physical injuries, but if the driver leaves the scene of the accident, it can often cause emotional pain as well. This emotional pain can impact the victim’s daily life in a major way, and even hinder the individual’s ability to heal hir or her physical injuries. Unfortunately, one driver ran away from the scene of the pedestrian accident that she had allegedly caused in California. (more…)

California pedestrian accident kills mother in front of child

Pedestrian accidents occur every day throughout the United States and often have varying injury severity. The small profile of pedestrians can make it difficult enough for most drivers to see them, but if a driver is intoxicated, it can be even more difficult to see pedestrians. Unfortunately, this can often lead to accidents that injure or even kill the pedestrian involved. A pedestrian accident in California recently killed one woman. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1 person

Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles can sometimes be serious enough to injure those involved, but if a pedestrian is involved, the severity of the accident can increase rapidly. The lack of protection that a pedestrian has, combined with the numerous cars involved, can often leave the pedestrian with serious or even fatal injuries. If the pedestrian is tragically killed, then the family of the victim can suddenly be flooded with emotional pain from the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, one person was killed recently in a pedestrian accident in California. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California may be caused by DUI

Although drinking alcohol in moderation is socially acceptable in certain environments, it is never acceptable or safe for an individual to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Impaired judgment can put both the driver’s and others’ lives at risk when an intoxicated person decides to drive, as that impaired judgment can easily lead to an accident. These accidents can often injure or even kill those involved. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California may have been caused by drunk driving. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon on the various roads that wind through the United States, but the severity of these types of accidents can vary greatly. If the accident occurs at relatively low speeds, the injuries suffered may only be minor, however the severity of the accident can be increased rapidly if it takes place at high speeds. These high speeds combined with the lack of protection that a pedestrian has can leave the victim with serious or even fatal injuries. One pedestrian accident in California recently killed an individual. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 1 in California

Car accidents can be serious enough if two motor vehicles are involved, but the severity of the accident can quickly increase if a pedestrian is involved. The lack of protection that a pedestrian has in a car accident can sadly often leave them with serious or even fatal injuries. Unfortunately, many pedestrians are not seen by those drivers who are less observant than is safe, even if the pedestrian is in an intersection. One pedestrian accident in California recently killed one victim and injured another. (more…)

Bike crash in California injures numerous people

Bicyclists are safe when riding along main roads the majority of the time, but when a driver drives in a negligent manner near bicycle riders, it can often create severely dangerous situations. If the driver is driving under the influence, these situations can quickly become accidents that leave those involved seriously injured. One woman has pleaded not guilty to charges against her that stemmed from a bike crash in California. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 1 in California

Car accidents between two motor vehicles can often be serious enough but, if a pedestrian is involved, the severity of the injuries can increase dramatically. Some drivers are not always aware of their surroundings, which can be detrimental to pedestrians near the vehicle. This type of negligence can quickly create collisions that can leave those involved seriously injured or worse. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently took the life of one person. (more…)

California pedestrian accident injures 6

Accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles can often have devastating outcomes, with the pedestrians being seriously injured or even killed in the accident. Unfortunately, the lack of protection that pedestrians have when walking near roads can often leave them with injuries that are far more severe than those that are received by the driver of the vehicle. One pedestrian accident in California recently injured six people. (more…)

California pedestrian accident kills 1 man

Car accidents take place throughout the United States every day, but many of these accidents are not severe enough to injure the individuals involved. However, if a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, the severity of the collision can increase drastically. The pedestrian can often be left with serious injuries that can even be fatal in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently killed one man. (more…)

Medical malpractice suit after alleged early discharge

A medical center and two of its doctors are being sued by a patient treated at the center. In the medical malpractice suit, the man accuses the doctors of a failure to make a proper diagnosis, while accusing the facility of insufficient training and supervision of their employees as well as an inability to ensure the required standard of care. Medical malpractice suits in the United States, including California, provides patients who feel they have been let down by the medical profession a means of recourse. (more…)

San Francisco Ordinance Regarding Tenant Relocation Payments in Ellis Act Evictions Goes Into Effect

Effective June 1, 2014, a landlord who evicts a tenant with a rent-controlled unit in San Francisco under the Ellis Act will be required to pay the tenant an amount equal to the difference between the tenant’s current rent and the market rental rate for a comparable unit over a two year period. (more…)

Car accident in California kills 1

Fatal accidents can be tragic enough for the family members of the deceased victims, but when the person at fault leaves the scene, it can be even more emotionally trying on the family. If the person at fault is not found, it can create large amounts of pain for those looking for justice for the fatalities, and may inhibit the family’s ability to heal. Unfortunately, one driver in California recently left the scene of a car accident. (more…)

California bike crash in California kills 52-year-old woman

Car accidents can often injure those involved if the circumstances surrounding the accident are serious enough. When a bicyclist is involved, the injuries to the cyclist can be severe. The lack of protection that a bicycle offers when involved a car accident can often leave the rider seriously injured or even killed. Unfortunately, a bike crash in California recently caused the death of one victim. (more…)

California bike crash injures 1

Car accidents that involve two standard motor vehicles can often be dangerous enough, but when a bicyclist is involved the situation can be even more tragic. The lack of protection that bicyclists have can add to the danger since they are often near other vehicles that are massive in comparison. If an accident occurs, it can often leave the rider of the bicycle with serious injuries that alter their lives for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, one bike crash in California recently sent one man to the hospital. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1 woman

Large machinery is often used by various companies to complete tasks such as hauling items throughout the United States. However, these massive motor vehicles can sometimes have large blind spots that do not allow the drivers to properly see their surroundings. This can lead to accidents that injure or even kill those involved, especially if pedestrians are involved. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently killed one person. (more…)

California woman convicted for car accident death

Car accidents that end in the death of the victim can be emotionally trying for the family of the victim, but the months after can be even harder for the family. If the driver who caused the accident is charged criminally, the case can be a constant reminder for the family of their loss. However, one family in California recently received some closure as the driver was convicted for her involvement in the car accident. (more…)

Dangerous property may be to blame for California accident

Accidents take place across the United States, but when an individual is injured or killed, those responsible must be held accountable. However, if a child is killed by the accident, after those at fault were warned about the dangerous object that caused the accident, the parents may wish to file a claim against those responsible. Unfortunately, one young child was killed recently in California by the dangerous property of one place of business. (more…)

Pedestrian accident kills 1 in California

Use of tractor-trailers is often a popular way for goods to be transported throughout the United States, but when these massive vehicles are in an accident with other vehicles, it can have catastrophic results. However, when these individuals are pedestrians, the accident can be even more tragic, especially if the victim is killed in the accident. These types of accidents can leave huge emotional tolls on the families of those killed. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California killed one person recently. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California kills 1

Serious car accidents can be tragic enough, but, if a pedestrian is involved, the collision can become much more severe. Unfortunately, negligent driving around a pedestrian can quickly create a dangerous situation that becomes an accident. The lack of protection that pedestrians have can mean that they are left with serious or even fatal injuries while the occupants of the vehicles are uninjured. One man was killed recently in California in a pedestrian accident. (more…)

Pedestrian accident in California injures 1

Car accidents occur every day in the United States, although many of these accidents are not severe enough to cause injuries. However, if a pedestrian is involved in the accident, the severity can quickly increase and the pedestrian can be seriously injured. The lack of protection that pedestrians have can put them at a higher risk of injury than an individual in a car. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in California recently injured on individual. (more…)

Pedestrian accident leaves leaves college student badly injured

Although the actual accident took place a few years ago, a driver recently entered a no contest plea before a California criminal court in reference to a 2012 pedestrian accident. The pedestrian accident left a Chico State University student severely injured. Tragically, drugs and alcohol played a role in this preventable incident. (more…)

San Francisco In-Law Units Can Now be Legal

Ordinance No. 43-14, which provides a process for real property owners to legalize existing in-law units, goes into effect on May 17, 2014. The ordinance applies to existing residential in-law units that were constructed prior to January 1, 2013 without a permit. Generally, the ordinance does not apply if a notice of eviction was served on a tenant after March 13, 2014 pursuant to the no-fault eviction provisions in sections 37.9(a)(8) through 37.9(a)(14) of the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Ordinance.

To legalize an in-law unit, an owner, or an authorized agent of an owner, must first go through a screening process to determine whether the in-law unit is eligible for legalization. After completion of the screening process, the owner or agent may then apply for the necessary permits to legalize the uni. If a tenant must be temporarily displaced due to work required to legalize an in-law unit, the landlord must provide relocation assistance pursuant to section 37.9C of the Rent Ordinance or California Civil Code § 1947.9, where displacement is for less than 20 days.

Once the screening process is initiated, enforcement of any pending notice of violation issued by the Department of Building Inspection for the in-law unit is temporarily suspended if all violations in the notice would be corrected by legalization of the unit. Additionally, the notice of violation is rescinded if the in-law unit is legalized within one year upon commencement of the screening process.

The legalization of an in-law unit will not affect whether the unit is subject to the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Ordinance. Accordingly, if an in-law unit was subject to the Rent Ordinance prior to legalization, it will remain subject to the Rent Ordinance after legalization. Further, a landlord may not pass the costs of legalization of an in-law unit to tenants via a rent increase.

For years, tenants who resided in unpermitted in-law units were at risk of losing their rent-controlled tenancies under section 37.9(a)(10) of the Rent Ordinance, which allows a landlord to recover possession of unit in order to demolish or permanently remove the rental unit from housing use. Many tenants in in-law units have also been left without administrative recourse for housing code violations, as an inspection by the Department of Building Inspection for habitability issues would often lead to a notice of violation being issued for the unpermitted in-law unit. With the passing of this Ordinance, these tenancies can now be given legal status, eliminating the fear of eviction pursuant to section 37.9(a)(10) and providing tenants with a means to force the landlord to maintain habitable premises. Although legalization of in-law units can only be initiated by owners, owners are incentivized to take advantage of this Ordinance, as they will be able to continue to collect rent for their in-law units without the fear of being forced to demolish them after being cited with a notice of violation from the Department of Building Inspection.

California speaks up after too many car versus bicycle accidents

Many people are beginning to become more concerned with the safety of bicyclists. Bicycle accidents are becoming far too common for the fully exposed cycling enthusiasts. As a result, efforts are being made by local California bicyclists to find a way to make automobile drivers share the roadways. (more…)

California residents not immune to medical malpractice concerns

Most people do not go to the doctor unless they feel that there is a significant reason for the visit, and they usually expect to get a proper diagnosis. However, medical misdiagnosis is something for which all people are at risk when they seek medical attention. Most people in California may not be aware of just how alarming the statistics are for medical malpractice cases. (more…)